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There is no power relation without the correlative constitution of a field of knowledge, nor any knowledge that does not presuppose and constitute at the same time power relations.

Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punishment: the Birth of the Prison. Allen Lane, London, 1977.


To some degree this site reflects the development within the field of e-learning. Since linqx|dk was established in 2001 the aim has been to monitor, critically select, analyse and put into context an ever growing stream of flux - or information - about ICT and learning.

As the URL indicates, linqx|dk is a Danish site - the focus in on the local market place. As the name indicates, linqx|dk is a collection of hyperlinks and as such - relations. The goal is to establish the who, what, where, why and how e-learning - with a Danish flavour.

Finally it has been a prominent motive to distribute news and research-based insight to decision makers, trainers, developers and co-researchers and other market players. By so doing linqx|dk should be the preferred point of reference - at least for a growing field of native readers.

An organizational field

Without some kind of order and structure, information runs wild. By establishing a dynamic context, it could argued that it is to some degree possible to turn information into knowledge. By frequently collecting, adding and expliciting ideas and thoughts in first and foremost the x-file, tacit knowledge is transformed into explicit knowledge... linqx|dk is the dynamic hot-bed for this - a cyber-ba...

Should anybody argue that this high ambition has failed, the objective of creating an online meeting place - an e-zine or an online journal of a certain privileged status - to share and further develop a wider understanding of ICT and learning has so some degree succeeded. Over the last 12 months linqx|dk has had on average about 400+ daily, unique users.

meta learning

A blog is a straightforward means to make knowledge explicit. Using a simple log is cheap and easy, however, it is powerful in terms of meta-learning and in managing information.

In a learning context log-books are for people who want to reflect on one's own learning. Bot's blog tracks most changes and developments on this site since May 2001, be it technical, design or content related issues. It is a rare collection of information about the struggle to develop this site - and to understand e.g. the complex nature of "blogs". Thus the weblog documents the progress, the frustrations and ultimately the lessons learned - in other words.



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