Professional resume

Jesper Hundebøl, 2005On January 2007 I enrolled as PhD fellow at Learning Lab Denmark, the Danish University of Education. My focus is on learning and change rationales following the introduction of an online project portal. The empirical field of study is the Danish construction sector. You may read more about the project on my official home page: (Danish/English).

In addition, the driving forward of the editorial, technical and design aspects related to the complete development and maintainance of the online magazine you are currently visiting, has been and continues to be a priority.

Before enrolling as a PhD fellow I was employed as research assistant at Knowledge Lab. I did research and development primarily within pervasive communication - i.a. embedded software, mobile devices, wireless networks technologies. At Knowledge Lab I was also involved in several research and development projects, among others an EU-funded project about media integrated learning.

Earlier affiliations

Formerly affiliated with Rambøll Management, I worked, i.a., on an EU-funded study on the use of ICT for learning and teaching in initial Vocational Education and Training and an evaluation of the effects of the pedagogical PC-driving license that some 18,000 teachers have by now taken. The assignment was part of an overall evaluation of the ITMF programme (IT & Medier i Folkeskolen).

At the turn of the millenium I was assigned to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the EU. My responsibilities here included maintaining the editorial aspects of the official homepage of that Institution. In the mid-90s I served as assistant in DG External Relations.

Further employment has been with Copenhagen Business College where I held a position at the Faculty of Higher Education. In addition, I co-managed a number of technical assistance projects held by the college's International Department.

I started my professional career as an apprentice with Deloitte, to do after that a trainee ship with Ernst and Young in their Newcastle Office.


As a M.Sc. graduate from the Department of Organization and Industrial Sociology of Copenhagen Business School (CBS). I have specialised in Strategy, Organisation and Management.

My thesis was carried out within the realms of Learning Lab Denmark, a cutting-edge research institution embedded within the Danish University of Education. The focus of my study was on "Cooperation in Virtual Networks".

In addition, I have obtained a Masters degree in International Relations from the Social Science's faculty of University Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and a graduate diploma in Marketing Management (also from CBS).

Finally I hold a diploma in Pedagogics from "Danmarks Erhvervspædagogiske Læreruddannelse" (DEL).

Recent presentations

Forfatterværktøjer - køb, anskaffelse, implementering mm, FLUID konference, Odense, 30. maj 2006 (PDF)

Work session, Pervasive Communication og Oplevelsesøkonomi, SummIT06, Ålborg, 27.-28. marts 2006; Presentation (PDF)

Oplæg om tendenser i e-læring, Gyldendal, 29. marts 2006 (PDF)

Pervasive Learning Environments, SITE06, Orlando, Fl., USA, 23 march 2006 (PPS)

Tendenser indenfor it og læring, Cursum, 2005 (PPT)

Public mention

SummIT06, Konferencerapport, pp. 6-7, 2006

Online publications

Digitale læremidler - er det noget for dig?, UNI-C, December 2006 (PDF)

Pervasive e-learning – In Situ Learning in Changing Contexts, Paper ifm. DREAM 2006, Odense, 21-23 september 2006 (PDF)

Samarbejde i virtuelle netværk - et analysestrategisk blik, Paper ifm. Ph.D-kursus, Lillehammer, Norge, 26.-28. april 2006 (PDF)

Pervasive Communication, OnEdge, no. 1, 2006, pp. 4-6 (PDF)

Pervasive Learning Environments, Abstract, SITE 2006, Orlando, USA, March 2006; Full paper (PDF)

Allestedsnærværende kommunikation og e-portfolioer, OnEdge, no. 3, December 2005, pp. 18-19 (PDF)

The use of ICT for learning and teaching in initial Vocational Education and Training. Published December 2005 (PDF)

Note: "Egenproduceret video i digitalt medieret arbejdspladsbaseret læring", August 2005 (PDF)

Afsluttende delrapport med bilag: 'Evaluering af Skole-IT'. Publiceret april 2005 (PDF)

Afsluttende delrapport med bilag: 'Evaluering af SFO-IT'. Publiceret april 2005 (PDF)

Samarbejde_i_Virtuelle_Netværk (PDF)(in Danish), Resume, English Abstract (PDF)

Distributed Cooperation - Communities of Practice and Social Groupware Technologies (PDF)

ANT - Actor Network Theory (Synopsis, HTML-version)

Benchmarking as Organisational Learning (PDF)

CBS Learning Lab: "E-learning - selvfølgelig? is a discourse analysis about how e-learning was made to fit the concept existing pedagogical paradigms. (PDF)

White paper: "Student-tutor interaction" is a study on the ethical dimension of evaluating personal competences in Danish secondary education. (PDF)

The European Union's human rights policy vis-à-vis China (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1997) (PDF)(in English)



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