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On this page you may find the answer to your questions about linqx|dk. If not, please forward any such questions to info(a)linqx.dk - they may guide other users. Thank you :)


What is this site about?
Who do you actually address?
Why do you mix English and Danish languages?
What do the various 'smileys' mean?
Normally people have just one blog - why do you have four!?
Several names (identities) appear in the blog postings - who are they?
How do I participate in the ongoing discussions on elearning?
Why do you maintain a weblog?

What is this site about?

On linqx.dk users get an understanding of the who, what, where, why and hows in elearning. In particular you can get an understanding of the Danish e-learning market. Among the unique and original pages you'll find a almost complete collection of Danish e-agencies.

Who does this site actually address?

linqx|dk offers - in the fourth consecutive year - a critical, research-based perspective on developments and news within the Scandinavian elearning market.

Decision makers about to invest in or implement an e-learning system, co-researchers and students of ICT and learning may find an interest in the subjects treated. Finally, teachers looking for inspiration as how to better combine ICT and learning may also find inspiration here. Beginners may start with a look on the e-learning primer.

There are many "smileys" scattered around this site - what do they mean?

We use a hand-full of selected smileys. Some are obvious, others less so. In general they depict the following moods:

  • :-D Very happy, big smile
  • :-) or :) Happy, smiling
  • ;-) or ;) Happy, but with a twist
  • :-( Clearly unsatisfied
  • :-@ Absolutely dissatisfied - its bad
  • :-O Shouting - normally an aggressive attitude
  • :o Watch Out - raising eye-brows cause something is going on?
  • :o) Stupid, but happy
  • O:-) Like a saint.

Normally people have just one blog - why do you have four!?

Its true that most bloggers have just one blog - to post their daily thoughts on a subject. We have found that one blog is not enough. By running currently four different blogs four different subjects are covered:

  • The news blog provides readers with (mainly) Danish e-learning related news - in Danish. Most posts are original (they appear on linqx|dk only) news or carefully collected and manipulated pieces expected to be of interest to regular readers... All major articles added elsewhere on linqx|dk are annouced here.
  • Contrary to the news blog, the e-learning blog is a more a repository for collected views on e-learning. The notepad is my blog for keeping track of the great variety of issues of e-learning coming from all around the web, i.a. interactive learning, learning and playing, e pedagogy, standards (SCORM etc.), learning systems (LMS/LCMS), content authoring (objects), blended learning, learning webs, e-labs and much more...
  • Different from these two blogs - clearly dedicated to e-learning, the R&D blog is a reserch oriented notepad focusing more closely on ICT/social software and collaboration in networks. It was a blog launched in 2002 to support one particular project, but the subject is of such importance that the blog is continually fed: in fact, the subject treated is really just taking off!
  • Finally there is bot's blog aimed solely at keeping track of all technical issues related to the development of this online magazine. Most postings here are strictly generated by robots :o

All blogs holds postings in reversed chronological order, i.e. latest on top.

Several names appear in the blog posting - who are they?

Basically this journal is managed by just one person, however, a number of agents are employed to handle more trivial day-to-day updates. Most clearly "bot" - having his own blog - is busy keeping track of all tech-specs, but also "cyberkylling" (cyberchick) and "actant" are busy actors. While "cyberkylling" is mainly keeping an eye on the stream of Danish news, "actant" is responsible for international news and other relevant knowledge. Finally "avatar" has played a role in the virtual network making up the r&d patch ;-)

In addition this site holds a number of residentials - real people who have contributed with original and highly estimated content :-D

Why do you mix English and Danish languages?

Some elements of the site could be of interest to an international public. However, linqx|dk is a Danish site and the focus is the Danish (Scandinavian) e-learning market and those people acting there.

How do I participate in a discussions on elearning?

All you need is a user identification and a password. Use the contact form or send an email to the address in the left menu. Then YOUR contributions are most welcome.

Why do you maintain a weblog?

From the weblog you can track all major developments on this site - since it was first launched in May 2001. The weblog is thus in itself an expression of meta-learning, learning about learning, i.e. The weblog is thus considered a knowledge base from which one could learn about the progress of this (and probably) similar sites.



jm thielesvej 6
dk 1961 frb c
+45 2424 4690

ISSN 1603-5771