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    Navigation in terms of left and right menues change as you visit deprecated versions of and pages on linqx|dk. Deprecated elements are kept primarily for 'back-end access' and for letting experiences users navigate 'historical' content.

    Up until November 2006 a weblog was kept. Learn from this about web development.

    Users who are used to or who want to learn about the original information architecture are often helped by the trailline available on all pages, immidiately below the heading (see above under "sitemap").

    At the end of all trail lines users will find version control [date in in square brackets]. The prefix indicates when an article (document) has been added [VER:] or reviewed [REV/UPD].

    Whether we use the word sitemap or information architecture, however, neither of the two does necessarily reflect the structure of the (left and right) menus, the directed navigation i.e. In the case of this sitemap - it shows the way the folders are structured at levels one and two.



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    Beware of changing interfaces as you move around deprecated versions of and pages on linqx|dk...!

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